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About Color Scan

Many organizations have archived images or scanned maps that would be better utilized if the map features were in a GIS format. Color Scan provides a set of tools that will help to convert map images into GIS features that can be easily integrated, formatted and analyzed. It uses a variable color tolerance to capture features even if images are not of a perfect quality.

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What Does the Color Scan Extension Do?

The Color Scan extension for ArcGIS has a set of tools that works with map images to

  • Extract lines and polygon features
  • Attribute lines and polygons by color
  • Save vector features as a Shapefile or to a Geodatabase
  • Interpret the actual values represented by a color scale map displayed in an image
  • Save interpreted pixels as a raster grid GeoTIFF or to a Geodatabase

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Features of Color Scan

Color Scan has a set of tools to perform interpretation operations on georeferenced raster images in ArcMap. All operations are controlled from the Color Scan toolbar.

Color Scan is very easy to use and requires no training or complex setup. Merely select the tool and click on the image.



The process of vectorization converts pixels to vector features (points, lines and polygons).
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Color Grids

Images use color scale maps to represent measurements over an area, typically referring to a key or legend to define the scale. A raster grid has the measurement values embedded, allowing for greater manipulation and analysis.
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Get 30 Days Free No Obligation Trial. No Credit Card Details Required.